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Help Index

Main window

In the main window you can see:

  1. Project Bar
  2. Browser Bar
  3. Project Tree
  4. Internal Browser
  5. Connection Status
  6. Status Bar

Project Bar

The commands that are used most often are placed here for your convenience.

  1. "Wizard" — create a new project using the wizard, which makes it easy and quick to configure downloading a new site. Pressing the button will open the wizard window.
  2. "New Project" — create a new project. Pressing the button will open the Project Properties window for the new project.
  3. "Properties" — view and edit an existing project. Pressing the button will open the Project Properties window for the project being edited at the moment. Make the necessary changes and pres the "OK" button.
  4. "Run" — download the project. This command is available when a project is selected in the Project Tree.
  5. "Abort" — stop downloading the project immediately without waiting till it is finished.
  6. "Options" — open the general application settings. Pressing the button will open the Options window.

Browser Bar

Contains the standard commands for the internal browser.

Project Tree

Shows projects and the folders where they are stored.

Right-clicking an item in the tree opens a popup menu with the commands available for the project or for the folder:

  • "New" — create a new project or a folder
  • "Rename" — rename the project or the folder
  • "Refresh" — refresh the Project Tree
  • "Delete" — delete the project or the folder
  • "Properties" — edit the project

You can move projects and folders using the drag-and-drop feature (click the necessary item and drag it to the new location while holding down the mouse button).

Double-clicking a project will open the downloaded site in the internal browser.

The icon indicates that the project is being downloaded at the moment. The icon indicates that the user stopped downloading the project before it was finished.

Internal Browser

The internal browser allows you to browse the downloaded sites without exiting SurfOffline. To open a downloaded site, double-click the corresponding project. You can navigate the sites using the Browser Bar.

Connection Status

Shows the list of open connections and their current status:

  • "Url" — the URL of the file being downloaded
  • "Progress" — a visual download indicator showing the download progress
  • "Size" — the size of the file in bytes. If the size is unavailable, you will see the "?" symbol
  • "Loaded bytes" — how many bytes of the file have been downloaded so far
  • "Status" — an explanatory text line with the information about the current status of the connection

Status Bar

The Status Bar is divided into several parts:

  1. The progress bar shows the overall progress of downloading the project or indicates that it is finished
  2. Shows the number of files in a queue for parsing, i.e. the files that have been downloaded, but have not yet had their links converted
  3. Shows how many files have been downloaded so far
  4. Shows how many files there are left for downloading to be finished
  5. Shows the status of the internal browser at the moment

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Date: June 24, 2024