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How to download a site

If the project for the site is already created, just click the icon of the project to select it and press the Run button to start downloading.

If you want to download a new site, the easiest way is to use the wizard. Press the "Wizard" button and follow the instructions of the wizard.

Another way is to press the "New Project" button, specify the name and the Start page for the Project, and also the settings that you need. Press the "OK" button to save the project and after that press the Run button to start downloading.

View the downloaded site

Double-clicking the project will open the downloaded site in the internal browser.

Download only images from the site

Use the wizard. When selecting "File types to download", specify that only images should be downloaded.

Print the current page

Use the menu command File->Print.

Downloading a site requiring authorization

Different ways are used to download such a site depending on the authorization type.

If the authorization is performed using a web form (e.g. www.yahoo.com):

  1. To be able to download such a site, you should have the option "Options->Connections->Use Internet Explorer cookies" on.
  2. Open the site in the internal browser and log in.
  3. After that the site is downloaded as usually.

If the site requires the HTTP or FTP authorization:

  1. Specify the login and the password in Project Properties->Site Secures
  2. After that the site is downloaded as usually.

Download only text files, for example articles

Press the "Wizard" button, when selecting "File types to download", uncheck all checkboxes.

Update the site

Right-click the project and select the "Properties" item from the popup menu. The "Project Properties" window will open, in the "General" section set "Update files" to "When files changed". If you have to re-download the entire site without skipping the downloaded files, set "Update files" to "Always".

Download files from an FTP server

Downloading files from an FTP server is practically the same as from usual sites. Use the wizard and specify either the FTP server address (if you want to download files and directories) or the addres of a particualr file in the "Start page" field. If the FTP server requires authorization before downloading, specify the login and the password in "Project Properties->Site Secures".

Download files according to the specified masks

You should specify a filter in the created project. "Project Properties->URL Filters". You can find the description with examples on how to create filters here

Download files only with the specified extensions

Specify the file extensions you want to download for the created project in the section "Project Properties->File Types". You can find more details about working with file types here

How to limit the usage of the network capacity

To regulate the usage of the network capacity and the capacity of the sites being downloaded, you can specify the number of simultaneous connections to the site or to the FTP server from which the data are being downloaded. "Options->Connections->Number of simultaneous connections".

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