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SurfOffline Professional 2.2.0 [Size: 2.33 MB] - 04 September 2015

Download offline browser SurfOffline Professional  Buy offline browser SurfOffline

SurfOffline Standard 2.2.0 [Size: 2.30 MB] - 04 September 2015

Download offline browser SurfOffline Standard  Buy offline browser SurfOffline

Download website SurfOffline 2.2 - Website downloader.

List of changes:

04 September 2015, SurfOffline 2.2.0 (Release):

  • Windows 10 support has been added.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 support has been improved.
  • The TLS 1.1 support has been added.
  • Project settings "Delay between downloads" and "Random Delay" has been added.
  • The HTML parser algorithm has been improved.

07 October 2010, SurfOffline 2.1.2 (Release):

  • Windows 7 support has been improved.
  • Advanced parser settings (for CSS, JavaScript and Flash files) have been added.
  • The speed of exporting large websites is considerably increased.
  • The problem with exporing some files with relative URLs has been fixed.
  • The HTML parser algorithm has been improved.
  • The export error "[EM#11][UR#10]" has been fixed.
  • The export error "Cannot open file" has been fixed.
  • The problem with updating downloaded files has been fixed.

16 December 2007, SurfOffline Professional 2.0.2 (Release):

  • Release.

16 December 2007, SurfOffline Standard 2.0.2 (Release):

  • Release.

30 April 2007, SurfOffline 2.0.1 (beta version):

  • The problem with occupied internal http server port has been fixed.

5 March 2007, SurfOffline 2.0 (beta version):

  • Windows Vista support has been added.
  • the project wizard interface has been considerably modified.
  • The big websites download support has been improved.
  • work with special characters in URLs has been modified.
  • the problem with loading video and audio files from http servers with incorrectly configured mime types has been fixed.
  • work with javascript has been improved, the javascript parser has become "smarter" and detects more links.
  • work with the ftp protocol has been modified in order to improve the compatibility with *nix-based ftp servers.
  • the experimental support of searching links in flash files has been added.
  • the overload folders protection algorithm has been improved.
  • the experimental support of parsing the flash format has been added.

SurfOffline 1.4.1:

  • The URL Filters has been improved. Now you can specify an URL Query in URL Filters.

SurfOffline 1.4.0:

  • New export formats for downloaded websites are added
  • Some limitations are added in the trial version
  • Exporting is available only in the registered version.
  • The trial version allows you to download only 200 files in one project. The registered version allows you to download up to 200 000 files in one project.

SurfOffline 1.3.1:

  • The algorithm of downloading large websites is fully rewritten. The speed of downloading large websites is considerably increased.
  • The program needs less time to pause/resume downloading websites.
  • Now you can specify a http referrer for the start page.

SurfOffline 1.2.9:

  • The big websites download support has been improved.
  • Pause command allowing to interrupt the download saving the necessary information in order to continue downloading from the last position has been added.

SurfOffline 1.2.8:

  • The support of websites with scripts simulating directories has been added
  • The internal http server has been improved

SurfOffline 1.2.7:

  • The non-standard links support ("/" replaced by "\") has been added
  • The redirection handling has been improved

SurfOffline 1.2.6:

  • The downloaded websites export to the Web Archive (MHT format) has been added. Thus, you get a whole website in one file! You can view the downloaded website on any computer, you just need usual Internet Explorer 5.0+ for that.

SurfOffline 1.2.5:

  • The Macromedia Flash files support has been added.

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