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SurfOffline 2.2 - Website downloader

If you need to download a website, use the website downloader SurfOffline. We offer you a free 30-day trial period to test SurfOffline.

SurfOffline main window
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SurfOffline is a fast and convenient website download software.

The software allows you to download entire websites and download web pages to your local hard drive.

SurfOffline combines powerful features and a convenient interface.

The SurfOffline wizard will allow you to quickly specify the website download settings.

After the website has been downloaded, you can use SurfOffline as an offline browser and view downloaded web pages in it. In case you prefer viewing downloaded webpages in another browser, use the Export Wizard.

Also the Surf Offline Export Wizard allows you to copy downloaded websites to other computers in order to view them later and prepares websites for burning them to a CD or DVD.

Main program features

  • Downloading up to 100 files simultaneously
  • Downloading up to 400000 files in one project.
  • Downloading entire websites (including images, video, audio, etc.)
  • Preparing downloaded websites for writing to a CD and DVD
  • Downloading password protected web pages and password protected websites (HTTP and FTP authentication)
  • The built-in browser and the support of sessions and cookies allow you to download sites protected with web form passwords.

Supporting up-to-date Internet technologies

SurfOffline supports the following technologies, which allows you to download most websites.


  • Supports the main Internet protocols: HTTP and FTP
  • Downloads websites via the secure protocol HTTPS (SSL)
  • Supports connections via proxy servers (HTTP, FTP and Socks proxy)
  • Supports HTTP and FTP authentication
  • Supports sessions and cookies
  • Supports CSS, CSS2, Macromedia Flash and JavaScript parsing

Powerful site download settings

SurfOffline provides advanced users with powerful features concerning specifying site download settings:

  • Simulating a regular browser while downloading websites. You can specify what browser identification information the program will send to the server (Agent Identity, for example, Netscape Navigator or Mozilla).
  • Filtering files of various types. Website ripper ability. (For example, you can configure your project so that the software downloads only images and videos from a website without downloading any other files)
  • URL filters allows you to specify website areas that should not be downloaded or configure downloading content from linked websites. Also, URL filters allow you to disable protocols that you do not need.

Viewing and using downloaded websites

  • The built-in web browser allows you to view downloaded web pages and entire web sites.
  • The built-in web server lets you share downloaded web pages with other computers via Intranet.

Exporting downloaded websites.

  • The Export wizard allows you to save a downloaded website to a local folder and prepare it for writing to a CD or DVD.
  • The Export wizard allows you to export downloaded web pages and entire sites into a CHM file (the Microsoft Windows Help format). Export to a CHM file allows you to save entire websites in one compressed file.
  • The Export wizard supports export to the MHT format. The MHT format is convenient for saving small web pages with images in one file.

Download SurfOffline  Buy SurfOffline

Quick Overview of the SurfOffline website downloader.

Most of us get easily irritated, while waiting for some picture or file to be downloaded, especially when you are in a hurry. But all of this can be avoided with a offline browser. With SurfOffline website downloader, you can set a desired website to be downloaded and take a coffee break. In a few minutes, all contents of the website will migrate to your hard drive and you will be able to browse it at the speed of light.

SurfOffline is a fast and convenient offline browser with easy navigation and simple interface. Capable of downloading up to 100 files simultaneously, this application can save a website to your hard drive completely or partially in just minutes. Another important feature is a wizard like interface that enables the users to quickly set up downloading rules. Importantly, the program supports HTTP, SSL(HTTPS), FTP, proxy servers, CSS, Macromedia Flash and JavaScript parsing.

The program comes with a full powered website download manager that lets the users decide which web pages and files should be downloaded and which ones avoided. For example, if you are interested in pictures only, you can set the program to download JPEG images only, avoiding all the others files. There also are size and location filters. The downloading process can be paused or stopped any time and resumed later. Among the advance options is the capability to transfer information to the server about the browser used (Agent Identity, for example, Netscape Navigator or Mozilla). Built-in HTTP server lets you share downloaded web pages with other computers via Intranet. Also, SurfOffline comes with support for HTTP and FTP authorization, sessions, and cookies. Program's built-in internal browser lets you download websites with webforms that require authentication.
The Surf Offline Export Wizard allows you to copy downloaded websites to other computers for viewing them later, as well as prepares websites for recording them to a CD or DVD.

Best of all, the program is distributed as shareware, which entitles you to a free 30 day trial.

Supported OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

Offline browser SurfOffline Overview

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